New Interdisciplinary PhD Studies in English (IS)

Developing, launching and implementation of Interdisciplinary PhD Studies for 12 graduate students from the RES component (field 7) in English. New specialised lectures in English will be developed and presented (90h in 2013-15). Each PhD student will participate in the 90h laboratory classes (per year), where she/he will receive laboratory and technical support. Tutors for 12 doctoral students will be appointed. There will be specialist seminars headed by Polish and foreign lecturers, as well as by business representatives (60h/ academic year). Monographic lectures by foreign visiting professors will be organised and carried out (8h/academic year). Specialised (industry-related) English classes for participants in the project, along with dedicated materials, will be conducted (60h x 3 years). Each year 12 graduate students will participate in an academic conference and once every three years in a summer school. There will be a ‘SOFT SKILLS’ course for 12 graduate students (15 2h meetings), concerning subjects such as writing research papers, applying for grants, projects, business plan, and intellectual property. 12 graduate students will receive academic scholarships. Purchase of specialized equipment for the ISD (Interdisciplinary Studies Doctorate) and disposable materials. Purchase of a computer and software, a printer and a scanner for the recruitment specialists and the new PhD course academic staff. All the classes will be conducted according to an above average teaching programme.