Modification of educational programs

Modification of educational programs for a Bachelor’s degree studies at RET, Biotechnology (BT) and Wood Technology (WT) specialisations at SGGW

This will involve adapting the programs of the existing RET, BT, WT engineering specialisations to the labour market needs, KBE and Europe 2020 strategy, by means of paid 3 month internships (8h per day, 5 days a week) for a total of 60 students enrolled in the 2011/12, 2012/13 and 2013/14 academic years, organized in the 2013-15 period in cooperation with employers in fields 7 and 2 for RET, BT and WT specialisations. There are plans in place to find a tutor for the interns among the employer’s staff. The internship is about practicing and expanding knowledge obtained during the course of studies. After each edition a panel of employers, interns and academic faculty will be formed. During the third year of RET engineering specialisation there will be 18 seminars (2h each) organised with business representatives and experts; each seminar subject will include entrepreneurship, best practices, labour market needs, ‘SOFT SKILLS’ improvement workshops (15 2h meetings), courses on writing research studies, applying for grants, projects, business plan, intellectual property rights: economics courses and running a small business training (15h during the second year), as well as environmental care and training in the introduction of pro-green solutions in the production process (15h during the second year).